The fat man sings.

James Gandolfini’s funeral is being held today at….

Wait for it,

The UN’s and NWO cathedral of choice, St. John the Divine.

If you dont know what that is, read this!

So, pretty much, we know who owns Gandolfinis soul. Or at the very least, we know who he sold it to.

The BIGGER picture.

God works in mysterious ways.

Last summer I was in Destin, Florida.
We go there every year.
I love it.
The white sugar beaches and the sun.
I also love frozen concoctions from Fat Tuesdays.
We call it “Timmy Time”.
So, my friend and I were sitting on the patio at Fat Tuesdays, enjoying giant daquiris, chatting, laughing, good times.
A man sitting at the table next to us, overheard us talking politics (of course) and he scooted his chair over to join in the conversation. I positively love talking to people, everyone is my friend.
Anyway, Mark from Destin, quickly figures out that we are politically aligned and we all agree that Obama is the worst and that our country will be in peril if he gets re-elected. (we all know how that turned out :()
Somehow it comes out that I love conspiracies and researching esoteric symbolism.
His eyes lit up and then he tells me that he was working on Huckabees beach house and while he was measuring to lay the floors he noticed that every single measurement ended EXACTLY in a 7, 11 or 13, he also noted that in all of his years of carpentry he had never seen anything like it.
I am pretty sure that Ol Huck is a mason, so I asked him if there were any strange symbols in the floor or black and white tile patterns.
Mark said yes. I am pretty sure that I got goosebumps when he told me about that.
Then, he asks me if I have ever heard of a man named Wernher von Braun or Operation Paperclip.

Of course I had heard of both!

Mark tells me that he grew up around Wernher. Wernher was best friends with his Grandfather.
His Grandfather WAS the military officer in charge of OP. He told me that Wernher was a good man. His Grandfather and Wernher went through the stacks of files on the Nazis and decided who they were going to bring back, marking each folder with a paperclip.

My mind was blown! It was probably one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had with a stranger. It didnt end there…..

Mark asked me if I was a Christian.
I am.
He asked me if I wanted to see a picture, he requested that I keep an open mind and to tell him what I saw before he would tell me who or what the picture was about.


He showed it to me, small first.
Then big.


I saw Him, immediately.
My girlfriend couldn’t see it.
It took my sister a whole year.

I burst out with His name, “It’s Jesus, it’s the big picture”!
Mark smiled at me, and then tells me the story.
He received a hard copy of the photo from the pastor at his church.
The family in the picture attends the same church.
A friend of theirs came over for dinner and motions to a picture on the mantle and says, “that is a really interesting picture of Jesus”.
“What picture of Jesus?”, they ask, “thats a picture of Kenny, Grandma and Julie”.
“No, look, again”, the friend says.
And sure enough, when they looked again, they could see Him.
Then Mark tells me that Jesus is the light.
His nose is the lampstand.
He noted the special boy, the boy with Downs, the boy who only comprehends love.
The grandma, so happy, and the caretaker, everyone is smiling, joy.
He quoted a verse then, Matthew 18:20 Where two or three are gathered together in my name there I am.
He also told me there were other things, he wanted me to find them on my own, he also asked me to share this picture…I have shared it, I love this picture and this story, please share it!

Akianne’s Prince of Peace

And the Shroud of Turin, Heaven is for Real, interesting blog.

Let me know what you think!


On Retard.

I know that you are not supposed to say the R word anymore.
However, reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, I stumbled upon a few gems.

This, this should be SP’s response to jackass Bill Maher. Lame Cherry dresses SP down and this made me LAUGH because of the truth factor.

Cherry has a way with words.
Go read the blog. Lame Cherry
And donate to it, if you can.


Sticks and stones may break my bones but, words will never hurt me!

Also, Cherry, noted! Though, you are probably one of two people who read this “blog”! 🙂

Say what?

So, if I say that Allah is not god and that pedo MoHAMmed was a false profit, that could constitute an insult to Izlam? Could potentially mean fines, jailtime or off with my head, depending upon who is offended.

offensive speech to muzlims

Hello, first amendment, are you there?
I suppose it will still be just fine to continue to bash Christians and sub Jesus Christ or GD for all the curse words in the world and the Christians will continue to look the other way.
Speaking of the above, have you noticed, in every show or movie lately, the predominance of JC or Gods name taken in vain. I am so over Hollywood and their hatred of anything good or truly beautiful.
Wake up.
Look up.
Jesus loves you.