The fat man sings.

James Gandolfini’s funeral is being held today at….

Wait for it,

The UN’s and NWO cathedral of choice, St. John the Divine.

If you dont know what that is, read this!

So, pretty much, we know who owns Gandolfinis soul. Or at the very least, we know who he sold it to.


Say what?

So, if I say that Allah is not god and that pedo MoHAMmed was a false profit, that could constitute an insult to Izlam? Could potentially mean fines, jailtime or off with my head, depending upon who is offended.

offensive speech to muzlims

Hello, first amendment, are you there?
I suppose it will still be just fine to continue to bash Christians and sub Jesus Christ or GD for all the curse words in the world and the Christians will continue to look the other way.
Speaking of the above, have you noticed, in every show or movie lately, the predominance of JC or Gods name taken in vain. I am so over Hollywood and their hatred of anything good or truly beautiful.
Wake up.
Look up.
Jesus loves you.